Our top picks for summer 2024

With the summer months approaching it can be quite soothing to curl up with a cool glass of wine. There are many options available, however we thought it would be appropriate to highlight some key turkish wines which are perfect summer time wines.

Typically white or rosé wines are in peak demand during summer, but we believe red wines are also suitiable for drinking in summer, as this is the season for BBQ’s and nothing goes better with red meat than glorias red wine to go with it. 

These selected wines are ideal for this season because of their characteristics. Their refreshing acidity and crispness offer a much-needed dose of freshness. Additionally, they are the perfect companion for warmer weather due to their lighter body. These wines are even more alluring because of their fruity profiles, which elevates summer to the fullest.




odrysia Gris

Arcadia vineyards are situated in Thrace in the far north-west of Turkey, producing perfect conditions for grapes to develop ripe, lively acidity and notably bright aromatics.  This zippy wine combines the creamy aromatic lift of Sauvignon Gris with the sleek nutty perfume of Pinot Gris. 



Elegantly perfumed displaying an array of pear, cantaloupe and pineapple with honey and vanilla notes adding to its complexity. Consistent with viscous texture and balancing acidity. Fresh fruited with a tropical tang on its zesty finish, with bright yellow and green shade. 


Merlot - Cabernet Franc

This dry rosé wine is produced from a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc grown in the Saros region. Hand harvested and fermented under low temperatures with selected yeast in order to reflect varietals characteristics to their maximum.  The aromas are rich with intense strawberry and watermelon with crisp and refreshing flavours of violet, sour cherry and raspberry. 



A Rosé Wine made from Kalecik Karasi grapes which are indigenous to the Anatolia region. This wine is imbued with hints of red forest fruits and floral aromas, this wine is full-bodied and has a strong acidity. 


Kalecik Karasi

A dry red wine made from Kalecik Karasi grapes that are indigenous to Anatolia. Ruby in colour with garnet reflections. The bouquet is of red fruits such as raspberries, cherries and strawberries are interwoven with hints of spices vanilla and cocoa.