Vinkara Cabernet Sauvıgnon -75cl

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Surrounded by distant mountains, Vinkara’s 200 acres of vineyards are situated by the kizilirmak river basin just outside the quite and humble village of Kalecil. Planted at 2,000 feet above sea level, Vinkara’s vineyards span rocky hills and plateaus strewn with sage trees and other endemic flora and fauna.

Warmed by a continental climate, Kalecik ecperiences cold, snowy winter and hot, dry summers due to its elevation and inland location. Kalecik’s annual average precipitation is fairly low at 16-20 inches, with rainfall mostly occurring during the spring and fall. Monthly mean temperatures range from 32.2F in January to 73.2F in July, with an annual mean of 53.1F. Vinkara installed a meteorogical weather station in their vineyard and hve been analyzing weather data since 2003.

The Vinkara vineyards experience a unique mesoclimate due to their proximity to the moderating kizilirmak river and surrounding hills. The combination soils are compromised of sand, clay and limestone with high mineral content. Soils are balanced in PH, rich in calcium and excellent for drainage. Particularly in the retard vine maturation. The sudden drop in temperature at night preserves the balance of natural acids. The low rainfall eradicates any problems with mildew and forces the vines to work harder by growing deeper roots to seek water. There is no insect disease.



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