On the 17th April, Mark the founder of TasteTurkey visited the Deal Wine Society to present a selection of exquisite wines crafted from indigenous Turkish grape varietals. 

Turkey has several native wine grape varieties that are unique to the country. Some of the notable native Wines of Turkey include Öküzgözü (“Oh-kuz-goe-zu”), Bogazkere (“Bow-aahz-keh-reh”), Kalecik Karasi (“Kahle-djic-kah-ah-ser”) and Narince (“Na-rin-ja”). These unique grape varieties play a significant role in creating exceptional wines that highlight Turkey’s diverse viticultural legacy. 

Lets explore the wines which where specifically chosen for this event. 

Vinkara Hasandede

The Hasandede grape produces a delightful dry white wine that showcases a brilliant straw yellow hue complemented by golden reflections. This wine boasts a unique blend of mint, laurel, linden, quince, and lemon leaf notes. Its aromatic profile includes hints of grapefruit and green apples, leading to a fresh and harmonious palate. 

Urla Hypnose

Exquisite scents of delicate white blossoms and a touch of kerosene intertwine with subtle essence of zesty lime. The palate, a masterpiece of intricacy and a beautiful blend of vibrant citrus, luscious tropical fruits and succulent stone fruits. Its enchanting texture exudes charm and character, while its expressive nature captivates the senses. The grand finale unveils a lingering, tantalizing finish, infused with a delightful spiciness reminiscent of aniseed. 

Vinkara Minoj Kalecick Karasi Rosé

This exquisite wine stole the spotlight at the tasting event, captivating everyone’s taste buds with its delightful essence. Surprisingly, this wine emerged as the dark horse among the carefully curated selection. Crafted from Kalecik Karasi grapes native to the Anatolia region, it exudes a mesmerizing blend of luscious red forest fruits and enchanting floral fragrances. Indulging in this wine is an experience of pure luxury, as its full-bodied nature and robust acidity leaves a lasting impression. 

Vinkara Kalecik Karasi Reserve 

Vinkara Kalecik Karasi Reserve is a dry red wine crafted from Kalecik Karasi grapes from the Anatolia region. Its ruby colour with garnet reflections complements the bouquet of red fruits like raspberries, cherries and strawberries, along with subtle notes of spices, and vanilla and cocoa. The wine offers a fruit-driven palate that is well balanced, featuring smooth, soft tannins and a lingering finish. 

Doluca Tugra Bogazkere 

This wine also stood out among the favourites at the tasting event due to its robust and intense qualities. It boasts velvety tannins, a multi-layered complexity, and retains the delightful floral notes typical of the varietal. Its fruity profile, exudes aromas of clove, cranberry, smoke, raspberry and toasted hazelnut. 

Kayra Versus Alpagut 

An intricate bouquet of rhubarb, cassis and blackberry preserve intertwine with delicate hints of allspice and hazelnut, while captivating essence of pine forest adds and intriguing touch. The palate is exquisitely refined and nuanced, brimming with vibrant red fruits. The impeccable balance is accentuated by silky tannins, culminating in  a luxuriously long and graceful finish. 

Diren Mahlep

We indulged the Deal Wine Society with a final surprise, the ultimate touch that truly elevated the experience.

A unique, fortified wine crafted from a special spice derived from the seeds of a tart cherry-like fruit found in the Tokat mountains, combined with indigenous Turkish grape varieties. Notes of figs, cinnamon, and dark chocolate lead to port-like flavours on the palate, culminating in a distinct cherry finish.