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“Life is too short to drink bad wine.”

15 years ago, Turkish wines were not given a second look with many thinking that they had little to offer. Since then, the British public have become more travelled and adventurous with a desire to experiance different cultures and cuisines. Turkish viticulture is now establishing itself on the world market through award winning world class wines with TasteTurkey at the forefronnt of this success in the UK. 

Not so long ago only two wineries dominated the UK Turkish wine market. Now, the picture is so very different with so many more wineries importing to the UK, many of which are available right here. 

Since  our inception, we now import and market the largest range of Turkish wines available in Europe and arguably the world. 

Turkey offers some unique native grape varietals, with Taste Turkey winning “Red Wine of the Year” at the UK sommelier wine awards with Diren’s ‘Collection Kalecik Karasi’ after being judged by over 2000 wines from all over the world.

Our passion and extensive knowledge of Turkish wines has enabled us to bring you some of the very best that Turkey has to offer, including the introduction of some more exclusive wines from boutique producers. 

So, join us and explore the exciting world of Turkish wines.  


Mark Hopkins,   Managing Director


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