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Doluca Antik Series - Boğazkere/Shiraz£8.49
Antik Red is a luscious blend of three different varieties, acquiring its rich body from Boğazkere, its fruity taste and smooth texture from Gamay and its balanced structure from Cinsault. It is aged in our cellars for two years upon completing 8 months in French oak barrels to attain its characteristic rich bouquet and long finish. Antik Red invokes the aromas of blackberry and toasted bread.
Doluca Classic Series - Villa Red £7.99
Villa Doluca Red-KLASIK (aka LEGEND in Europe) is a dry red wine produced from a blend of three different varietals: Öküzgözü grapes from Eastern Anatolia for Shiraz grapes yielding easy to drink wines, with its vivid ruby color and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for its fruity flavors and balanced structure. With its fruity, smooth, and complex characteristics Villa Doluca Red KLASIK/LEGEND invokes the aromas of red fruits and spices.
Doluca Kav Series - Ozel Kav Red (Special Res.)£11.99
A Truly special wine, aged exclusively in oak barrels, made from selected grapes of the Marmara and Aegean regions. A full, strong body mellowed in oak, soft and homogenous yet still reflecting the varietal characters of the grapes used.
Doluca Sarafin Series - Merlot£12.79

Merlot grapes developing their own unique softness and giving a rich, fruity and long lasting flavour to the wine. Sarafin Merlot is aged for 12 months in small French oak barrels and the resulting wine is velvety smooth in character with a complex vanillary bouquet.
Doluca Classic Series - Villa White £7.99
A balanced blend of Sultaniye grapes which yield fruity, refreshing and crisp wines and juicy Semillon grapes with a delicate aroma, Villa Doluca White, is a crisp, refreshing, light white wine with strong acidity. Villa Doluca White invokes the aromas of pineapple, grapefruit, green apple and lemon.
Doluca DLC Series - Narince£9.89
A refreshing wine which embodies the unique aromatic characteristics and vibrancy of Narince at its optimum.
floral and fruity flavors of this young wine, the narcissus jonquil flower, jasmine, grapefruit and orange aromas are felt at the forefront.